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    People who have long term loving relationships are able to think of each other positively when they are not together, support each other’s personal growth and development, and undertake shared experiences in which they can learn and expand themselves.
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Been waiting for this aaaallll year.


    Been waiting for this aaaallll year.

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    Well, um, actually, I took her to the planetarium. That’s where we had our first date. Um, she walked in and I had the room filled with lilies, her favorite flower. Then, Fred Astaire singing ‘The Way You Look Tonight’ came on the sound system, and the lights came down. And I got down on one knee and written across the dome in the stars were the words “Will you marry me?”

    I will always want to see Ross and Rachel’s wedding

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    endless list of favorite merder moments 10/

    "You know, it sounds like the party’s winding down. Listen To Me!"


    "We should probably sneak inside now."

    "We’ve done enough sneaking for tonight. It was good sneaking, but enough sneaking."

    "Yeah, I’d say we’re pretty good sneakers."

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