1. 23:06 17th Jul 2012

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    I don’t understand men who send me asks like “your blog makes me ashamed of being born with a penis”


    That is not the point of this blog. A bit of discomfort from looking at the situation with another person’s POV is good, but causing depression and apathy are not my goal here.

    You do realize this all comes down to choices, right? Men are not creatures without self-discipline, unable to help themselves, at the whim of animal instincts. Men choose to street harass girls and women. Men choose to put women down. Men choose to write nasty things in blog and video comments.
    You are you. An individual. You make all the choices for yourself. Is there really an argument against that? Are people going to send me asks saying there are situations when “a man can’t choose not to harass a woman who is passing by on the street”? I’m waiting, I guess.

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